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Lyft + Demi Lovato = MonteRosa New Music! Nueva Música!


Singer/Songwriter and music producer MonteRosa has been featured in Lyft share ride service latest promotional video with over 25 thousand views just this past week on youtube alone. Today April 24th Demi Lovato released a video to her instagram account “ddlovato” with over 65 million followers giving all the artists in the commercial a worldwide promotional boost, thanks to their participation in the Lyft commercial. This gives MonteRosa a full week of recording time at one of Miami’s best recording studios getting him back in motion to release new material this summer.  Stay tuned for more updates right here in MonteRosa

El cantautor y productor musical MonteRosa participa en una propaganda de la compañía Lyft en la cual Demi Lovato les regala horas de grabación y entradas al concierto que tuvo aquí en Miami el pasado 30 de marzo.  La propaganda de Lyft a tomando mas popularidad con mas de 23mil visitas en YouTube y hoy 24 de abril Demi Lovato lanzó la noticia por su cuenta oficial de Instagram con mas de 63millones de seguidores.  MonteRosa y otros 3 participantes fueron otorgados una semana entera de grabación en uno de los estudios mas populares del sur de la florida. Esto coloca a MonteRosa de regreso al estudio para preparar su nuevo material y  otras sorpresas para todos sus seguidores.  Manténganse conectados a MonteRosa para mas detalles!

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monterosa the moment el momento

2018 MR

monterosa the moment el momento

No frantic encounter upon arrival, I can see the empty canvas that lays ahead.  An adventurous array of of colors, textures, massive spaces, & intense experiences that will lead the way for anyone willing to perceive each creation. MonteRosa 2018

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Mixing for a Tasmanian Artist-Rob Meister

"Fools Never Rest" Rob Meister Music Artist

Fools Never Rest - Rob Meister Music Artist

I'm very happy to share with you another of my jobs as a mixing engineer for this very talented colleague of mine Rob Meister from Tasmania, Australia.   Rob is a singer/songwriter, musician and producer and his new song release "Fools Never Rest" is now available for everyone to enjoy on YouTube.
Rob Meister reached out and gave me the opportunity to be part of this new music release by allowing me to be the mixing engineer for his new single. I'm very proud to be part of this project and put all my best vibes and wishes on it for it to be a total success for my talented colleague.
Please learn more about Rob by visiting his official web site

"Fools Never Rest is another way of saying "the fool inside us never gives up" so we always have to be alert to our own stupidity".

This is Rob Meisters newest music video for 2017, shot & directed by Rob in San Miguel, Mexico and produced by the Australian maestro Lorenzo Toppano.

Fools is a powerful story about the personal struggle we all face with our own incessant demons." from Rob Meister's YouTube video post.

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Thank You! Gracias!

Thank You! & #seasonsgreetings 

To every person who came out to any of the shows, to those who listened, purchased, streamed & gave M*R music away as a gift… to every venue who gave me & my guys a chance to play live…to every person who recommended us for more opportunities… to every family member that gave us support on the long nights performing… to all of u around the world who continue to surprise me with your messages and listen to my music… To every Like, Share, Follow…

Lets make 2017 another great year of sharing together!



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