MonteRosa Bday Show en Bardot Miami

Q’ noche tan espectacular! MonteRosa celebró su cumpleaños a todo pulmon con amigos, fans y la audiencia del nuevo Lounge “Bardot”.  Compartiendo el escenario con el cantante español “Miguelo”, el cual esta muy pronto a lanzar su primera producción discografíca en los Estados Unidos.  Muchas gracias a Jack Daniel’s por patrocinar la noche al igual que a todos los patrocinadores de MonteRosa: Gibson Guitars, Epiphone Guitars, DR Strings, Debaufre Watches, CMC Media, y Inimitable Entertainment.  Disfruten de las fotos y con toda libertad dejen sus comentarios, Gracias!

What a great night! MonteRosa celebrated his birthday along with his band at full blast! at the new lounge “Bardot” located in the Miami Design District.  MonteRosa shared the stage with the new up and coming artist from Spain “Miguelo”, who will be releasing his debut album in the United States in spring of next year.  MonteRosa wants to thank all his sponsors, but specially Jack Daniels for their support.  Here are some of the pictures taken by fans and friends.  Enjoy and feel to leave your comments. Thank you!


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