It’s Ok to “Give your work for Free” – Great Video

“The art of asking”

When I did my campaign in Kickstarter, I came across her campaign and thought it was pretty awesome.  There were people criticizing her for doing the campaign as she had been “signed” to a record label.  This video not only explains her story a lot more, but also gives a great amount of insight on what you can do to move you art and gain a living from it.

I’m not an advocate of “giving my work for free”, but the definition of “free” that most have is a lot more of a bumb than really of help.  Exchange is different, is what makes her story a lot more understandable of why her popularity has increased and why she has reached new places.

I don’t follow her work, or what she does.  I simply find this story filled with great insight that is real to me and that I know you, as an artist of any kind, can benefit in getting a new point of view.



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