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It was the late 90’s and one of the most amazing local bands I had ever known of and seen at the time, performed in a battle of the bands in Miami for a “grand prize of $500”.  The Inside, Omar Garcia, George Gonzalez, Fernando Sanchez & humble-cool bass player Drago (R.I.P.) where competing at a local battle of the bands in a pretty large venue that’s no longer around in Sobe, and when they performed the song“Kitchen” it took me by surprise how amazing the whole tune really captured the message of the song.  As far as I know this song was never commercially released, but it was one of those songs that really capture the story with all perceptions in its melody, music & lyrics.

The Inside’s performances where always loaded with tons of energy and dramatic drive.  This band was way ahead of it’s time, and the sounds that George created with his stomp boxes for every song, along with his unique guitar playing style, where one of a kind.  The Inside as a band are no longer around, but still you can catch every member performing in different projects now days. (Links at the end of this article)

Behind The Song

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Fast forwarding to 2010 when I approached Omar about granting me the “ok” to re-record this track, he was very honored that I had chosen to record a song from them.  Really my admiration for their work is a big influence in my music now days and I still listen to that six song EP that they released back in the days where recording an album was really “blood & sweat”.  That EP from The Inside still holds strong next to anything else that’s been released in the alternative rock market since.

I approached the song from the  same perspective that I remember hearing it live for the first time, and was very fortunate to collaborate with Omar & George(original guitar player for the The Inside that also performed in the take recorded in “Vivo En Tu Amor”) in the recording process.  I also gotta give a lot of credit to the Drummer who recorded in the studio for this track, David Goodstein & another great friend Bass player Diego Carreño who both did an excellent job capturing the right vibe for this song

I could have chosen a “popular” track like many artist do now days to record, but rather I chose to use a song that really had captured my attention and influenced my music career since.  I know the guys in The Inside where key performers in the Miami Music Scene back in the 90’s, but yet this song along with many others hold quite a few frames in time that really brings back memories of other great friends, venues and concerts.  Also in honor to a good friend Drago (who unfortunately passed away in a plane accident a few years back) and my admiration for these guys as friends, professionals, performers and musicians, I recorded this track to show my respect and appreciation for their work.

George actually is the lead guitar player on the recorded take in the “Vivo En Tu Amor” album, and like other records now days the whole guitar section, vocals and keys where recorded in my humble home studio in Miami.  Also mixed by yours truly since it was one of my new ventures in this record to mix the entire album.

I gotta say that one never really knows what’s going to strike you as impressive and surprising or where this is going to come from.  As I walked that night into the battle of the bands were The Inside was performing I had no idea that this song even existed, but once I heard it it never again could have been forgotten.  There were many other great artist and bands, back in those days in Miami and some are still going at it (like myself), but I can’t never really forget of the good memories that float around every piece of music of other bands (some known & some who never saw the “spot light”) that came out of Miami in the 90’s.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, you can hear it in Spotify or you can be a good trooper and buy it on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon or right here in the MonteRosa Music Store to show your support for independent artist like me.

I’ll be sharing more stories like this one so stay tune for the next one right here on, some will be English & some in Spanish, inviting you to know and appreciate more behind the songs that I’ve written or collaborated with in other projects.… Cheers! MR

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