Miami Welcomes “Tony Tango” | Featuring song from MonteRosa

Tony Tango Miami MR El Beso
“Tony Tango in Miami International Film Festival” | “click” to enlarge

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The most “sexcellent” Latin dance instructor Miami has ever seen enters a tango dancing competition with stakes as high as his cholesterol in Manolo Celi’s brilliant, fall-down-laughing-out-loud comedy, with characters developed and created by his stars and co-producers, the gifted comedians Maxx Maulion and Andres De Oliveira. Tony Tango has a thing for the ladies … the senior citizens, that is, who think he’s the best thing since sliced bread every week when he leads them in dance classes. But out there in the real world of high-stakes tango contests … Tony’s lost his nerve and is running out of excuses about why he can’t hit the big show. But when it seems like the family business is about to be bought out by a rival, Tony must get up off the couch and adelante like there’s no tomorrow. — Jaie Laplante

Listen to MonteRosa’s song “El Beso” here:

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