Might be lost from the Scene, but never gone- Nov Update

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Hello everybody! first of all thank you for all the Bday wishes on my FcBk page, that was quite an amazing avalanche of messages. Feels great to know that many of you took a little time to leave your great vibes.  Thank you!

I’m currently working on all the new material for the new album, so that’s why the title of this post.   I’m so in lock-down until at least Xmas day, I know  some friends are asking where am I?…jejeje. But in all reality just really enjoying the creative process of this album.

This Nov. 12 I’ll be taking part of a discussion panel called “Latin Alternative Movement: A Movement or a Collision?”.  I’ll be quite honest I’m interested to see if all the faces that I personally know in this industry (that are in town and not in Vegas), will actually show up to make their point as well.  Miami is a great city filled with talent of many genres of music from many parts of the world.  The fusion of sounds are quite incredible, but the support of the local mainstream media is not there, shit even the non-mainstream still short of support.  I know many of them (the media, promoters and all them “beautiful” people)complain about “Miami lacking real talent”, but I know for a fact, that many of them don’t come out unless you come up with some great “gift” for them to get them to show up for just about any live “local” show.  Sad but true.

Well I can talk about  this and many more “industry” issues that need somewhat attention and also confront, but then I’ll be one more of those whiners that don’t do nothing else but that.  So, I hope that some of you who are attending the Miami Music Festival, can make it to the panel, so I can hear your concerns as well and learn more of whats needed and wanted in order to make this music scene a great one for all.

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